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Audio Transmitters

All of our audio transmitters are covered for faulty workmanship for 12 months providing they have not been subject to any kind of misuse, damage or wired incorrectly. 

It is the sole responsibility of the user to acquaint himself with the law regarding use of equipment as this can change from country to country. None of our UHF or VHF audio transmitters are sold for use in the UK as they are not CE approved. They are sold on the undertanding that the purchaser has purchased them for use outside of the UK ie export only.

We will advise with technical details and usage as much as possible but take no responsibility for the products suitability.

All specifications are approximate especially range which has been calculated on the basis of line of sight between the transmitter and receiver with ideal weather conditions e.t.c. Building types, area, weather conditions e.t.c. can affect the range achieved. Because of these factors, the range quoted for these transmitters should only be used as a guide.

Once executed, orders cannot be cancelled without agreement from us, however, it is our policy to exchange goods if the incorrect equipment has been purchased and it is a genuine error. We have the right to substitute goods when necessary for equipment of the same value and with the same performance. 

It is against the law to listen to or record other peoples conversations without their explicit permission. This means activities like electronic surveillance, eavesdropping and industrial espionage. 



Unless otherwise agreed in writing these conditions constitute the only conditions upon which K9 Electronics("The Company") are willing to supply goods to any person wishing to purchase goods (The Purchaser) from the company. All orders are accepted and executed on the understanding that the purchaser is bound by these conditions. These conditions shall prevail over any terms and conditions in the Purchaser order or other document issued by the Purchaser except where expressly agreed to by the Company in writing. 


All prices are executed subject to the quoted price in GBP which shall supersede any price list of the Company whether published or unpublished. 


Unless otherwise agreed in writing full payment must be received before goods are delivered. VAT will be added where applicable. 


Unless otherwise specified the price quote does not include delivery to the Purchaser. We are not responsible for any import duty which may be charged when you purchase goods 


The ownership of the goods shall not pass to the Purchaser until such time as the goods are paid for in full (including any interest or other charges in accordance with these conditions) provide nevertheless that the risk in the goods shall pass to the Purchaser when the goods are delivered to the Purchaser or to any third party on the Purchasers instructions whichever shall first occur. In the event of the Purchaser selling or otherwise disposing of the goods before the same shall have been paid for in full the Purchaser shall hold the proceeds of the sale or disposal in trust for the Company. Goods supplied by the company shall be at the Purchaser's risk immediately on delivery to the Purchaser or into custody on the Purchasers behalf. 


Should default be made by the Purchaser in paying any sum due under any order as and when it becomes due the Company shall have the right to either cancel or suspend further deliveries until the default be made good or to cancel any order so far as any goods remain to be delivered under such order. 

7. (A) - WARRANTY 

The Purchaser is entitled to the benefit of any warranty or guarantee received by the Company from the Manufacturer of goods supplied 12 months standard. The Company shall not be liable for: 

Any defects resulting from wear and tear, accident, improper use by the Purchaser other than an accordance with the instructions or advice of the Company or the Manufacturer of the goods. 

Suitability of any goods for any particular purpose or use under specific conditions whether or not the purpose of conditions were known or communicated to the Company. 

Any technical information, recommendations, statements or advise furnished by the Company or its servants not given in writing in response to specific request from the Purchaser before the contract is made. 

In the event of any faults arising during the guarantee period: 

The Purchaser shall be responsible for the return of all faulty goods in its original packing 

The Purchaser shall be responsible for the collection of the repaired goods. Repairs will be held for a maximum of 3 months from the date of notification they are available for collection. After this period the goods shall be sold to offset the company storage costs. 

The Company reserves the right to carry out the repairs itself, its agents or return the goods for repair to the manufacturer as the company in its absolute discretion sees fit. 

Where the goods are sold under a consumer transaction ( as defined by the Consumer Transactions (Restrictions on Statement) order 1976) the statutory rights of the Purchaser are not affected by these conditions. 


Deposits for goods ordered by the Purchaser are not refundable. Deposits will be forfeited if the goods are not collected within 90 days. 


The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014 state that you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days from the date that you receive the item/s, and provide the opportunity for customers who order via the internet (mail order) to inspect the received item/s for size, weight, colour, appearance and suitability etc.

A number of online and off-premises contracts do not attract cancellation rights. These include: Sealed Audio, Video and Software products.

Should you decide that after receiving your item/s, that the size, weight, colour, appearance or suitability does not meet with your requirements, then you may return the item/s to us together with all original product packaging and in an unused condition.  It is important to note that The Consumer Contracts Regulations do not provide the right for the consumer to use a received product/s before deciding that it not what they needed, in much in the same way as a bricks and mortar premises would not allow a purchaser to take home and try out purchased goods and to expect an unconditional refund.

If the purchaser decides to return an item for a refund under the 14 day cancellation period but has specified and paid for an expedited delivery or weekend delivery rather than the standard free delivery option, then no reimbursement will be made for additional delivery costs under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014.  We are not obliged to pay for any additional expedited delivery options.

To request a return, you must notify us either via email or written letter that you wish to cancel the order which can be done from the moment the order is placed until 14 days after the item is received providing as stated above the item is not used.  We will email you an RMA Form which must be completed and returned along with the original supplied unused item/s. Failure to follow this request may result in unauthorised packages being rejected at the building reception and returned back to you.

We reserve the right to apply a seal to any products prior to dispatch.  Any item returned and considered used, and / or with the seal removed or broken may not be eligible for refund.

Please also note that whilst the goods are in your possession you have a Duty of Care which means until the item/s are delivered to us they are your responsibility. For this reason, we advise when returning items/ that a tracked courier service is employed.

All postage and packaging of any returned item/s are the responsibility of the consumer, including liability for any loss or damage which occurs to the goods while they are in transit.
We cannot accept a returned product where we, or any of our associated partners have custom designed or specifically built a product for a customer.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing any goods rejected by the Purchaser as not complying with the bidder must be returned and received by the Company within five working days of delivery of the goods to the Purchaser. 



In the event of actions of the Queens enemies or the queens forces, civil commotion , accident, breakdowns, interference by strike or lock-out of employees, acts of God, any restrictions, regulations order or omission, operation by any local municipal authority or Government department the Company shall be released of liability under this Contract is prevented, frustrated or impeded as a consequence of such event or by any statute rules regulations order or requisitions issued by any Government department. Council or any duty constitutional authority beyond the company's control. 


The Company shall not be liable for any loss sustained by any personal damage to any property whatsoever and howsoever arising directly out of or in consequence of any act or omission by the Company in the supply of goods including delay , loss of profit and liability to third parties. 

Nothing contained in these conditions shall affect the Company's liability under the unfair Contracts Terms Act 1977 for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Company. 

13. This Contract and these general conditions of sale shall al all times be construed in accordance with and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts
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© 2015 K9 Electronics. All Rights Reserved.
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