Cover Electronics a manufacturer and supplier of some of the latest state of the art spy equipment, surveillance equipment for spying and listening in on conversations covertly. We also manufacture counter surveillance equipment and devices and have been online since 1999. Our products are tried and tested and are used by private investigators, police forces, military organisations, commercial companies and the general public.

Using the latest surface mount technology our spy equipment is among the best and reliability is second to none. Our spy equipment is designed so that it can be used in any country in the world where legally permitted, with the same operational quality. We also supply covert surveillance equipment specially designed to your requirements from audio surveillance to video surveillance. Gadgets for Spy.

The top of the range telephone conversation recorder has fully adjustable voltage selection which enables it to be configured for business telephone systems. we can custom make spy equipment, for your own particular circumstances. Cameras can be hidden in anything where space allows and the same is true with our range of FM audio listening devices and UHF transmitter listening devices. Our range of FM listening in and vhf listening in bugs are normally used by the would-be spy where the transmitter frequency is fully adjustable and in the FM/Air band range. The UHF audio bugging listening in transmitters are for the professional spy equipment buyer. They operate on a fixed frequency which is much higher than the other devices and gadgets. Should you have any questions please call or email us

We also manufacture and supply a whole range of cell phone jammers, gadgets for spy and audio recoding device jammers which prevents un-authorised recording of your conversations. Some of these devices are not listed on this website for security reasons. Please email us for a list of equipment.

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