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PROFESSIONAL - Audio Spy Bugging Devices

These audio spy bugging devices are for the serious professional who needs the best in audio surveillance. All of these bugs can be supplied in one of three fixed frequencies. Each bug has a specific frequency or channel number, so using one of our multi channel receivers you could monitor audio transmitted from multiple listening devices from a remote location. The transmitters are very easy to use, simply switch on and the unit is working transmitting all audio information within the room to the remote receiver/recorder. The audio clarity is crystal clear and you do not need to worry about drifting signal as with low cost equipment. Once the receiver locks onto the transmitted audio signal it will stay permanently.

KBU 1 - Voice Activated Room Audio Bugging Transmitter
audio bug
  • 1.Voice-activated VOX Function
  • 2.Comliression circuit, micro-size, easy to hide, this transmitter has a microcontroller.
  • 3.Uli to 500 hours of standby.
  • 4.Long distance of uli to 800M
  • 5.Low liower consulition requires 1 x lithium battery
  • 6.Clear audio caliture, low voice amlilification
  • 7.Using high-sensitivity full-range receiver
  • Transmitter:
  • Olierating voltage: 2.0V --- 3.6V
  • Transmission frequency:434.000MHz
  • Transmit liower:10mW.
  • Emission current:10mA
  • Standby current:1mA
  • Dimensions: 60 x 10 x 15mm
  • Transmit distance: 800M
  • Voice VOX Delay:15 Seconds
  • Our Price £95
  • This Months Special Offer
  • £150 Complete with Multi Channel Receiver KB-5118 SAVE £40
The smallest voice activated micro audio bug with 800m transmission range. This is our lastest micro transmitter bug which has an ultra sensitive microphone and will auto transmit on voice. This function preseves battery to give up to 500hrs standby and 40hrs continous listening. The bug is supplied complete with a multi chanel pocket receiver with internal speaker and hearphones for private listening.
KB100U - Audio Bugging Transmitter (long term voice activated)
audio bug kb100u
  • Dimensions                    70x35x35mm
  • Battery Life                   28 days
  • Transmission Range       800 Meters
  • Our Price £95
Ultra sensitive microphone audio bug with 7 day operation on a single battery and transmission range up to 800m.
Quartz stabilised 433Mhz. This is designed for long term unatended use. Battery will last up to 28 days as it only operates when voice is heard.
KB200U - Quarts Micro Audio Bugging Transmitter
audio bug kb200u
  • Dimensions                    10x4x50mm
  • Battery Life                   8 days.
  • Transmission Range       up to 800Meters
Professional quartz micro bug with ultra sensitive microphone and up to 800m transmission distance and 8 days operation with its voice activation function which saves battery power for extended use.
It is one of our most popular bugs, and is used world wide.
KB300U - Quartz Micro Audio Bugging Transmitter
audio bug kb300u
  • Range: 800 m
  • Working Frequency: 343-344MHz
  • Quartz Stabilization
  • Stability: 0.01MHz
  • Working time: 35 ÷ 43 h or 76 ÷ 109 h
  • Power supply: 2 x 3V CR2032
  • Two modulation types: NFM
  • Sensitive Microphone
  • Ultra-High Quality Sound ( noises free)
  • Built-in Neodymium Magnet
  • Dimensions: 25 mm , antenna length 125 mm
  • Our Price £130
Applied double  FM and WFM modulation enables clear reception of voice (from whisper to shout) without distortion effect. The transmitter is equipped with a Neodymium magnet extremely strong to lift 1300 times' heavier weight than its own. It guarantees strong connection with a metal object in operational conditions.
KB400U - Mini Quartz Audio Bug Voice Activated
audio spy bug kb400u
  • Transmission range: up to 700 m
  • Quartz stabilization
  • Stability: 0,001MHz
  • Working time: 320 h
  • Power supply: 3V – batteries/accu 2 x LR6
  • Two modulation types: FM i WFM
  • Sensitive microphone
  • Ultra-high  quality sound (noise free)
  • Dimensions: 22 x 9 x 5 mm
  • Our Price £70
Extra miniature sized audio bug can be placed in the smallest of places and clearly picks up and transmits faint audio conversations to a remote receiver. You can be up to 700m away from the audio bug and receive the audio clearly. The bug uses Quartz crystal for ultra stability with near zero frequency drift.
KB500U - MiniSuper Mini Quartz Audio Bugging Transmitter
mini uhf bug
  • Range: up to 500 m
  • Quartz stabilization
  • Frequency 433Mhz
  • Power supply: 3V –CR2032
  • Two modulation types: FM WFM
  • Sensitive microphone
  • Ultra-high quality sound (noise free)
  • Our Price £65
Using state of the art electronics technology this is one of our tiniest audio bugging device which can be hidden in the tiniest of spaces. As with many of our other audio bugs this devices uses surface mount electronics to the highest grade with quartz stabilisation
KB600U - Extra  Mini Quartz Audio Bugging Device
audio bug kb600u
  • Range: up to 600m
  • Quartz stabilization
  • Working time: 40 h on CR2032 battery
  • Power supply: 1,5-4V
  • Sensitive microphone
  • Ultra-high quality sound (without noises and distant sound)
  • Dimensions: 20 x 8 x 4 mm
  • Our Price £120
Using state of the art electronics technology this is our tiniest audio bugging device which can be hidden in the tiniest of spaces. As with many of our other audio bugs this devices uses surface mount electronics to the highest grade with quartz stabilization and almost zero frequency drift. No battery connector is supplied with this bug.
KB700U - Long Rang Voice Operated Micro Bugging Device
audio bug kb700u
  • Range: 1500 m
  • Quartz stabilization
  • Stability: 0,0001MHz
  • Working time: ca 70h (stand by 1500h)
  • Power supply: 9V (6xLR6)
  • Modulation: FM
  • Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 5 mm
  • Our Price £245
KB 5118B - Receiver (for use with all the above listed bugs)
bug receiver
  • Frequency range: 400-470Mhz
  • Memories: 16 channels
  • Audio output 400mW
  • Power 7.2V Rechargeable Battery
  • Size: 120 x 55 x 30 mm
  • Our Price £95
16 Channel UHF Receiver